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Ok thats just awesome. Just when I think Ive seen everything that can be put into an eye here comes something new. The monochrome schem...

Isle of the dead by spoofdecator

Only 5 hours! God, you are SOOOOOO much faster than me! Im a snail of an artist it seems. that aside this is simply gorgeus! The compos...

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Quite honestly this is one of the best manips Ive seen here at DA. Your stocks are blended together perfectly, all the elements fit tog...


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DU Presents 5 - Its A Trap 3 by Bracey100
DU Presents 5 - Its A Trap 3
January :icondeviantuniverse: challenge. Nightshrike plans on taking out Thunder Force one member at a time. 
See how it all began here: End Of The Thunder page 1 by Gaston25

Mr Happy and Clown Car belong to me: Deviant Universe - Mr Happy by Bracey100 Deviant Universe - Clown Car by Bracey100 Nighshrike Deviant Universe - Nightshrike by Gaston25 belongs to :icongaston25:

Page 1: DU Presents 5 - Its A Trap 1
Page 2: DU Presents 5 - Its A Trap 2
Page 3: DU Presents 5 - Its A Trap 3
DU Presents 5 - Its A Trap 2 by Bracey100
DU Presents 5 - Its A Trap 2
January :icondeviantuniverse: challenge. Nightshrike begins his assault on Thunder Force.
See how it all began here:End Of The Thunder page 1 by Gaston25

Mr Happy and Clown Car belong to me: Deviant Universe - Clown Car by Bracey100 Deviant Universe - Mr Happy by Bracey100

Page 1: DU Presents 5 - Its A Trap 1
Page 2: DU Presents 5 - Its A Trap 2
Page 3: DU Presents 5 - Its A Trap 3
DU Presents 5 - Its A Trap 1 by Bracey100
DU Presents 5 - Its A Trap 1
January :icondeviantuniverse: challenge. Nightshrike takes his first step in his plans to take down Thunder Force. 
See how it all began here: End Of The Thunder page 1 by Gaston25

Mr Happy belongs to me: Deviant Universe - Mr Happy by Bracey100 Clown Car belongs to me: Deviant Universe - Clown Car by Bracey100

Page 1: DU Presents 5 - Its A Trap 1
Page 2: DU Presents 5 - Its A Trap 2
Page 3: DU Presents 5 - Its A Trap 3

Im always trying to figure out new ways to use my abilities and I recently came up with a pretty sweet new application. Given everything thats happened in the past couple of years I feel the need to organize my thoughts and feelings and yet I don’t dare commit anything to a diary that can potentially be found and accessed by anyone but myself. To avoid this I've discovered that I can manifest a tablet from my own mass and transcribe my thoughts onto it in written form. Afterwords I can reabsorb or retrieve it as needed. All the information is saved in some part of my subconscious memory Im guessing until I choose to recall it once more. This is a good thing for me as I've lots of secrets that I have no wish to reveal to my teammates.

Thunder Force:
Speaking of which, wow, never thought I'd make the big leagues. Even if I hoped to I never imagined I'd be accepted into Thunder Force! I might have been doing good work out there as a hero, but c'mon, would you take me seriously? I never expected the elite of the community to do say. Heck I online went to the tryouts to show off! And yet here I am and with no caveats. I don’t know how they vet us when we are allowed total privacy. My identity remains a complete secret, no one here even knows my first name, but Im sure there must be some security protocols in place that are above my pay grade. Still I worry about moles, traitors and ironically shape shifters, especially after Wildman and the Rogues. More on that later...jeez I sound paranoid but in a world of gods and demigods anything is literally possible.

The Daily Grind:
Typical day for me is broken into a few routines. With Thunder Force as my job I could just live in the Tower all the time and I do spend most of my time here but for privacy's sake I still use my stipend to maintain my apartment so I can literally just be myself from time to time, play some video games and work on my art/comics.

I go on patrol a couple of times a day. I try to vary the hours so as not to be predictable but typically once by day and once by night. I use my TF comm as a police scanner to help me find trouble to quell. When at base I study...a lot. I watch my teammates, I learn all I can about them, just in case. Its not just paranoia, but to be a better teammate in the heat of battle, but then again, some of our guys have gone all Darth Vader and jumped ship to the dark side. Its happened far too often for my liking. Dammit this is'nt how this was all supposed to be! I spend a lot of down time accessing TF files on TF members as well as all known enemies. I was a boy scout once and I'm determined to be prepared!

I might drive myself crazy with all this cloak and dagger if not for Tanook. He's my excuse to relax and have fun, blow off some steam.

Sigh, don’t I wish. Couple of problems in this area. One is again, no one takes me seriously. All my flirts come across as being playful, which is true admittedly but I'm only ever half joking at any given time. Then there's the fact that I'd have to finally open up to someone on the team, trust them with some of my secrets and I don't know if I can do that. Its become nearly impossible for me to let my Mr Happy persona slip when Im in the company of other deviants. The last issue is that some of these gals just scare the crap outta me. One of them is a succubus for God's sake! I'm stuck in a limbo of sorts. Date a normal girl and eventually I'd have to come clean as a deviant. Date a deviant and eventually I'd have to share my personal life. After what's happened to my family I don't ever want the two worlds to meet. Which would I have to give up for the sake of love? Or do I just remain alone?


Mighty American:
He's what you aspire to be as a hero right? A freaking legend I worked with him personally! He made doing the right thing seem completely effortless. I never seemed to see him in doubt, or hesitate. Nothing made the man flinch and in the end he sacrificed himself without a second thought. How do you live up to something like that? How to you honor the perfect hero, the greatest patriot. I hero worshipped the crap outta him and now he's...he's just gone.

Reclusive. Never had any meaningful contact with the guy and I was inclined to respect his solitary nature. Too bad, I always want to get to know fellow shifters better. Never know what new tricks you might learn. But then he and the others went rogue and got kicked off the team so who knows. Maybe its better that I didn't get to close to the guy.

Big letdown here. Heroes fighting heroes is the kind of bogus BS I'd expect to find in a comic book not real life. This guy is one of the legends in this biz and he goes off on some sort of roid rage rampage and worse convinces others go along for the ride with him. This was definitely the start of my disillusionment with the hero game.  

I'm oddly (disturbingly?) attracted to her. Maybe its because I think I could keep all my secrets with her and a relationship would likely have no strings. Eris seems to be in it all just for fun, whether its fighting or whatever. She's a completely free spirit, living for the moment completely carefree. I envy her confidence. Of course she's also kinda bat shit crazy. Without any sense of responsibility she just slugs her way through life eager for the next fight. Truth is I think Eris could easily go the villain route, just because. Too bad, maybe for me most of all.

If Wildman was a let down 42X was a flat out betrayal! Now I'm not one to withhold forgiveness but he'd have to work awful hard to regain my trust once again. Another icon amongst the superhero set and look at how far he's fallen. It crushes me on the inside to see these veterans just crumble like this. Is this bound to happen to the rest of us eventually? Rage, burn out or whatever motivates these truly criminal actions? I must be vigilant at all times! I must watch over my team, and myself.

I got my powers in a dream from a god like cosmic entity...given his sense of humor and my powers I sometimes wonder.

The School Girl:
I don't think she really cared much for me. But let's face it she was a real party pooper. Arrogant in the way only a genius can be, absolutely no fun to be around (can't take a joke) and completely rigid in her approach to everything. Lighten up already! Still, she was brave, and capable and inventive saving out butts more than once. I kinda miss her.

Tits........yeah, thats all I really remember, lots and lots of tits. Big ones too.

Incredibly powerful, supremely confident, coldly ruthless and incredibly dangerous and a total mystery. He's one to make me wonder about the vetting system in TF. Total badass in a fight but he's clearly used to doing his own thing more than trying to fit into a team structure.

This guy REALLY didn’t like me. In fact I think I spooked him a bit. I honestly was't trying to, I was just being, y'know, funny. Guess he didn't get the joke. Just as well cause the merc went and joined the other team. Mercs are only loyal to money. One day I might have to scare him on purpose if he crosses Thunder Force.

Empty Suit:
Man do I ever miss trading quips with this guy! He's the only one to ever keep up with me! A real wisecracker but like myself I bet he uses it as a distraction as well as a way to deal angst in a fight. Learned a few tricks about surveillance and detection while we were working together.

Arrow Kill:
Didn't think too much of this guy from the start, and honestly I'm still not friendly with him in any real sort of way. His carousing ways put me off as I tend to put ladies on a pedestal. Its the Southern in me. But if I'm completely honest I'm jealous of his ability with the ladies. He makes it look so easy. He's dashing and charming and knows how to work it. I kinda thought he was an odd choice for leader, personally I was happy with Firebird. But I'll do what he says cause I respect the authority he's been given and those who gave it to him. He's got my support for now.

Professor Goyle:
He's the one I trust the most. Funny cause he's a monster. At least on the outside, I'm inclined to think he's the most human of us all. He's a staunch defender of humanity and utterly selfless. Of everyone on the team I've found myself opening up to him the most. Around him the mask slips a bit. I've let him know that I'm not jut a costumed idiot but I'm actually very, very smart. No genius to be sure but I'm one knowledge hungry son of a gun. On his end of things the Proff has been both enthusiastic and patient as a teacher and mentor. Doubt I'll ever achieve his level of braininess but what I am learning...WOW! It's been good enough to have him make me his lab assistant! Plus we play chess. I'm an ok player whenever I can keep my ADHD in check (SQUIRL!) but he whups me almost all the time. I can't help but think that when I do win, that he's not giving it his full attention. Thats ok I guess, I'm very competitive and hate losing.

Heh, she reminds me of my dad! Tough as nails, twice as mean and a soldier through and through. I know me and Tanook drive her crazy...but its soooooo easy! I can't help myself. I wish I could somehow approach her and let her know how much I respect her. Firebird is a true leader, she makes the tough calls, holds us all together and never, ever gives up! She's a brilliant tactician and the rock of the team. I'd easily fight to the death on her behalf. And now Im off to put itching powder in her bra drawer. :)

I think he's become my best friend. With both of us sharing a mischievous nature and powers that compliment them we are like two sides of the same coin. He's the only one I ever let my entire guard down with. It's probably a mistake to do so but when Im around him I'm so at ease its just impossible to keep all the walls up, I'm just having too much fun. He means as much to me as one of my kid brothers.

I'm pretty attracted to her. She's so down to earth, she's almost innocent in some way and thats a flame to my moth. Centuari is what you see is what you get, honest, sincere and sweet. But she's also damaged goods, having lost her world and her memories of home long ago. Guess that brings out the old white knight in me. I just wanna hold her, and protect, make everything all better. But she sure as heck doesn't need protecting. The space cop is a powerhouse! Tough enough to take on Titus and space ships. Maybe thats what hold me back, that in the end she wouldn’t really need me. I should change my name to Mr Insecure. :/

Samantha Grey:
She's the devil...for real. Ok she's a succubus, which means she eats your soul for sex. That's freaking terrifying! On the current team she's the one member I'm certain could absolutely kill me dead, forever! I'm not biological anymore, I'm wish fulfillment made real. Sam ever sucked out my life force there wouldn’t ever be a body to bury. That just gives me the skin crawlies! Still I try really hard around her. When I watch her I see a lot of pain in subtle gestures she makes, the microexpressions on her face. Plus I've seen her around those who choose to be intimate with her. There is a sweetness there, a tenderness that softens the demonic impression on gets from her. In those moments I see her as human, vulnerable and frightened and just trying to get by like the rest of us. Wish I could open up enough to her to let her know that. After seeing my own dark side in Mr Scary last year, I've no right to hold her heritage against her.

Yeah, I'm kinda a creepy around her. She young and super hot and has big ole...muscles! ;) But my flirting is more for fun that romance. True I wouldn't mind some female companionship of the deviant sort but I don't think it gonna work out. She's young enough that I notice the difference. Its only a few years in between us I think but there's something about hitting those middle twenties that causes a paradigm shift in how you approach life. Crush in spite of all the heroics, adventures and danger still has all the enthusiasm of a kid, while me, I secretly worry about everything like a conspiracy theorist. She's strong, brave and will. Crush deserves someone way better than someone who is as broken and fearful on the inside as myself.

Magic...sigh. I'd like to know more about magic. Like everything else I've studied on it some, but everyone I know that uses magic is kinda messed up in some ways...even Tanook. Loa is the most solitary of the gang, always having to meditate or weave spells or craft items. She literally seems to have no time for anything but studying magic and fighting with Thunder Force. How do you get to bond with someone like that? Don't get me wrong she is a valuable team member and great to have in a fox hole but there's no camaraderie. While I trust her (for now) I just don't know how invested in us as individuals she is. Plus lately, she's been getting awfully scary. Pulling out forms and forces that literally give me goosebumps...and that impossible! Right now she's the one I'm most inclined to watch for signs of turning to evil. I just pray that I'm wrong. I don't want to go up against her, I've no practical defenses against magic.

This is not what I thought it would be. Back when I was a normal it was so black and white. There were bad guys and there were good guys and the good guys always kept the bad guys from hurting the rest of us. And damn but I wanted to be one of those good guys! And now I am and its all different and its all complicated and screwed up and I don't know how to fix it all. I wanted to be a hero because my dad was murdered! I wanted to save people and put the bad guys away. Instead I'm dealing with plots and riots and breakups. The people I most looked up to are dead, have feet of clay or have just completely dumped on everything they stood for! Nothing is sacred anymore! I'm trying so hard to be the new symbol of hope that I feel the world and the deviants need. And its a heavy, heavy burden. I feel it crushing me! Im shrinking under its weight, but I struggle on because thats what you do. There is no retreat, no surrender and no giving up. And maybe I'm naive but in spite of all the pain and doubt and fear I still have hope. As long as I can keep laughing, keep others laughing, I can keep pushing forward.


Thunder Force Views: Mr Happy's Perspective
So some of my fellow :icondevianuniverse: members with characters in Thunder Force did some of these and I found them to be interesting and insightful so I decided to do one myself for my own Mr Happy. I think it adds a lot of extra depth that we dont always get to in our comics. For those of you with characters I mentioned here keep in mind this is not a reflection on you or your OCs but merely how Mr Happy himself feels about them. Further while everyone else focused on the team they where in at the time I decided to have Mr Happy give a much broader view detailing his feeling concerning his two years in Thunder Force which has seen many changes in the team that he first joined.

Happy reading.

Didn't know how these got into my inbox since there was no direct mention of me. So Im throwing in everyone's icon so they can find and enjoy this.

:iconlatroma: :iconmja42x: :iconbranded-curse: :icondondevious: :iconkostmeyer: :iconoriginalunoriginal: :icontmaneea: :icontortox:
:iconlulzyrobot: :iconalecyl: :iconvexusversion: :iconmadmonkeydane: :iconbogmonster: :icondoctorvorlon: :iconbackerman: :iconjavipascual213:
:icondarkdancing-blades: :icongpapanto:



Bracey100's Profile Picture
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States
Current Residence: Myrtle Beach, SC
Favourite genre of music: Rock/metal
Favourite photographer: Ansel Adams
Favourite style of art: drawing and photomanipulation
Operating System: OS X
Favourite cartoon character: Alucard: Hellsing or Vegeta: DBZ
Personal Quote: Im Always Funny to Me.
So I'm sure most of you have wondered whats been going on, where have I been, how have I been and such. Well its been a long and bumpy road to sure and first I must offer apologies for anyone who has been waiting on art for me. And that will be the first thing Im addressing upon my return though there are issues concerning that which I will detail shortly. 

What's been happening:
Well 2015 was a period of constant chaos. Continued financial issues for both myself and my wife's parents required me to work like I've rarely had to before. Ive spent the better part of the year working 3 jobs to keep things afloat and pay off debt. I was never supposed to be away for so long but I seemed to get caught up in crisis after crisis that needed immediate attention. I'd get a hospital bill paid and then Id need new breaks on a vehicle. Get that taken care of and my in-laws didnt have money for their medication, etc. Which meant I could'nt ever afford to be on the internet for long stretches at a time. Heh, I just finished going through almost 8,000 missed emails. It was just always something in a never ending cycle. And frankly thats why Im back, Ive come to realize its just never going to end. If I keep trying to wait till everything is stable I'll never be able to return to the online community so Im just going to grin and bear it and make time once more. Plus Ive been dying inside without my creative outlets.

What I'll be doing:
First order of business is to complete my commissions. I will not be taking any new commissions until my backlog of work is completed. When that is accomplished I will start a journal announcing my availability for hire once more. Here however is the rub. My latest problem is that my Imac has crashed and crashed hard. It tries to boot up and then shuts off. Ive tried everything to get it going with no result and foolishly I was'nt prudent in backing up my machine. So in order to save everything I have on my 1TB drive Ive gotten a secondhand macbook pro (which is what Im on right now). I'll have to turn my Imac into an external drive with a command and then pull stuff slowly from my Imac to this Macbook and then to a external hard drive. Its gonna take a ridiculous amount of time to accomplish because the restoration of my Imac is going to require a complete wipe/reboot of the system. So this will slow art progress somewhat. So though I have no right to ask for further patience I do hope you will all indulge me.

Future plans:
Something Ive been wanting to get started last year but was obviously unable to was to finally start the official Mr Happy comic book series as well a the set aside Attack of the Zombie Dinosaurs. I have have two fan comics I want to get going,  little hint one is kaiju based the other giant mech and both have their roots in Marvel. And lastly I'm going to try my hand at creating stop motion animation films. In my recent return to YouTube Ive been amazed by the number of animators out there which got me thing, "Hey, Ive got a lot of highly articulated Japanese import toys such as SH Monster Arts, Ultra Act and Robot Damashi." Ive collected these over the years as art reference and lets face it just freaking cool toys. But coming across these videos has certainly rekindled the film maker in me. We'll see how it all goes I guess. 

That's all for now, and thanks to all of you for both your patience and concern. Ive certainly missed you all desperately in my absence.


PS: Excited to see a new Japanese Godzilla coming out. Does anyone else think that the new Shin Godzilla is a]rather interestingly similar to my own Kaiju Revamp: Godzilla 1954 in concept? I noticed the fangs punching through the jaw, flayed patched of skin and burnt appearance and just went, hmmmmmm.



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I think her legs could probably be a bit longer. Seems like her proportions are slightly off. Here's something that helped me out a lot when I was first drawing my comics. Its the Book How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way:… There's an updated version but I still this this edition is one of the best tools for drawing and I still have a copy in my collection of art books which I still refer to. It can be found or ordered at most large chain book stores as well (Book A Million or Barnes and Noble).
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