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Ok thats just awesome. Just when I think Ive seen everything that can be put into an eye here comes something new. The monochrome schem...

Isle of the dead by spoofdecator

Only 5 hours! God, you are SOOOOOO much faster than me! Im a snail of an artist it seems. that aside this is simply gorgeus! The compos...

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Quite honestly this is one of the best manips Ive seen here at DA. Your stocks are blended together perfectly, all the elements fit tog...


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Hero Commissions: Alex Rook by Bracey100
Hero Commissions: Alex Rook
And the next hero for the series Heroes and Villains of Miskatonic City is the flashy Alex Rook. Rook is owned and created by Ross Snyder Jr :iconrossps112:

They say those who can, do but those who can't TEACH. This is where Alex Rook's life has lead him. Growing up he found himself not really good at anything....or bad for that matter, just kind of mediocre at everything...including super heroics. Instead of simply retiring or living his life in quiet obscurity, he instead opened ROOK SECURITY INC. His security company is famous for both exclusively using super powered people as its employees & for offering training in the use of their superpowers, helping them to control/harness/hone their abilities all while making money! Alex Rook is now a player in this world, just like he always wanted, by having a legion of super beings at his finger tips! (important note, He's one of my complete good guy/heroes, not an anti-hero or villain, despite my rather ominous sounding origin)

Superpowers: Alex Rook is a psionic battery & amplifier. He absorbs any and all psychic energy directed at him (both benign & harmful), amplifying & storing that energy. He is able to use this stored energy to various effects, duplicating nearly any kind of psychic power, until the energy is depleted....He's kind of like a living green lantern ring but lacks the infinite supply of energy that the green lantern itself provides."

Hero Commissions: John Gossamer by Bracey100
Hero Commissions: John Gossamer

Next in the Heroes and Villains of Miskatonic City series by Ross Snyder Jr :iconrossps112: comes the personification of evil known as John Gossamer. What's his deal? Read below to rind out.

"Devil, sorcerer, manipulator, and monster, are all words used to describe the man known as John Gossamer but these words barely scratch the surface of his evil. Apparently immortal, he has been seen at the epicenter of violence & calamity through out history. The fall of Atlantis, the burning of Alexandria, the massacre of the ghost dance, and even WW II was started by a few words whispered by him in Hitler's ear, all were the result of Gossamer's manipulations. As John Gossamer never takes a direct action, using others rather then get his own hands dirty, he works to some unfathomable end known only to him....

Concept: John Gossamer is a recurring villain in my Lovecraft style stories, with the idea that his name is dropped even when he isn't in the story (My one story idea, Neyssa by the Sea, he is mentioned as being the first mate on the ship in the story but is never seen "on screen".). He is a manipulator to the nth degree, with unknown powers or even if he is truly human (I don't plan on revealing that even if I ever get those stories off the ground). So at its heart, he is a mover and shaker in the world, giving "encouragement" when needed, information when desired and power when it serves his interests...

Superpowers: Unknown....many suspect he has immortality, while others say he's a time traveler. He has mind control....or is just every charismatic and knows how to manipulate people through sheer force of will...He can bestow powers on someone....or just help them realize its already there. No one is able to pin down what, if any, powers he may have......"

Hero Commission: Fable Handbook by Bracey100
Hero Commission: Fable Handbook
This was done at the request of :iconquel2many: for his OC formerly known as The Wanderer in his own universe but has been renamed Fable upon his entry into the Deviant Art Universe. He's got a great story and a very cool concept to him so I hope you will all enjoy this as the information Sam gave me while informative was somewhat sparse and allowed for me to flesh it out significantly for this entry.
Kaiju Commissions: Hybrid by Bracey100
Kaiju Commissions: Hybrid
Next from Ross Snyder Jr's :iconrossps112: MECHS AND MONSTERS is the dreadful Hybrid. Color card art of this beastie is being done by :iconfbwash:

O.T.U.'s prototype weaponized Kaiju, the first creature built by their project: genetic defense. It was found to be uncontrollable & there for unsuitable for its own "product" line. Though it was discontinued, the evil corporation never wastes anything and considered the monster a happy accident. It now lies in a hidden chamber beneath O.T.U.'s headquarters, to be used to "salt the earth", should their illegal & immoral business practices ever be discovered."
Kaiju Commissions: Cerberus by Bracey100
Kaiju Commissions: Cerberus
Taking a break from working on the Heroes and Villains of Miskatonic City I moved back into Ross Snyder Jr's :iconrossps112: MECHS AND MONSTERS series to conceptualize this latest mech in the series.

"Cerberus is the second EU mech to be made and it protects the countries in and around the Mediterranean sea. Its a mech designed to handle multiple Kaiju at once, with each head containing different weapons. The look: this one is pretty straight forward, its a giant mechanical 3 headed wolf/dog. Now much like Paladin I see its designers added a bit of artistic flair to its exterior. So have fun with it. Also The left head fires a UV laser from its mouth and eyes, its central head has a liquid nitrogen projector and the right head has what I refer to as a rail shot gun, as it fires several magnetically propelled spherical metal balls at high speeds (similarly to buck shot out of a shotgun)."

Mechs and Monsters Facebook page:…
And the full color card art is being done by the incredibly talented :iconfbwash:


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Favourite genre of music: Rock/metal
Favourite photographer: Ansel Adams
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Well got some good news and some meh news. Good news is it looks like I won't be losing my toes or anything else for that matter. The podiatrist at the hospital was able to treat them successfully with no loss of major tissue. They are finally healing and no longer look like bloated rotting tomatoes. The meh news is after thinking my rectal issues were done Im gonna have to go in for at least one more surgery. Its expected to be an easy outpatient procedure but the way my luck's been Im not holding my breath. It things don't go well I'll have several in office procedures after my hospital visit. I have officially spent more time in hospitals these past two months than I have the entire course of my life combined.

In the meantime Ive been furiously working on all my backlogged comissions so I hope you will all abide with me as I move forward. So don't be surprised if you see me suddenly start dropping large amounts of art along with "its finished" notes to many of you out there. 



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if your ever interested in displaying your original superhero's or villain's plus bios check out our site.…

thanks Rodney
Rockor9 Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2014  New member Student Traditional Artist
how did the operation go on your foot
Bracey100 Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
I still have all 10 toes thankfully.
Rockor9 Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2014  New member Student Traditional Artist
ok cool
Batwing89 Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2014  New member
Yo Bracey,saw your health update post. I hope things go well and that you make a swift recovery. :)

Came by to ask about that Marvel Godzilla you were planning to do. Any updates on that? Just wondering.
Bracey100 Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Ive been stalled by having to catch up on and take more commissions to pay all my medical bills sadly. Don't know when I'll actually be able to get to it.
Batwing89 Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2014  New member
Ah well that's how life goes. Guess it'll make the wait all the more exciting. Take care and good luck. :)
Bracey100 Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
GrendelExe Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2014  Student General Artist
may I ask about commissions kaiju my ckc kaiju necrodon needs a artists touch and is it free or do I have to pay the price
Bracey100 Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Commissions from me do cost money. Here are my rates:…
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