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Ok thats just awesome. Just when I think Ive seen everything that can be put into an eye here comes something new. The monochrome schem...

Isle of the dead by spoofdecator

Only 5 hours! God, you are SOOOOOO much faster than me! Im a snail of an artist it seems. that aside this is simply gorgeus! The compos...

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Quite honestly this is one of the best manips Ive seen here at DA. Your stocks are blended together perfectly, all the elements fit tog...


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Kaiju Commissions: Behemoth by Bracey100
Kaiju Commissions: Behemoth

New stuff from Ross Snyder Jr :iconrossps112 this is an old concept that evolved into his beast Monarch Kaiju Commissions - Monarch: version 2.

"Concept: Before Monarch became the dark god of the Dino-Sapiens (who they themselves were just reptile men, kind of like the snake men from Conan/He-Man) Behemoth was the genetic creation of O.T.U. corporation (before the company even had a name), a culmination of years into genetic research & was released when the heroes had uncovered & exposed their illegal experiments. It was used as a salt of the earth tactic, to destroy the people who were bringing the corporation down. Also Cyber-Monarch & Reaper were both Death Behemoth as Behemoth was resurrected more like a techno-zombie then a true cyborg or death monster. Its current backstory is a variation of this, as it will be a O.T.U. creation but it will be unleashed against Reaper as sort of a Frankenstein's monster version of Monarch. As the corporation sees it as an "improvement" off the dark god. 
Each head spits out a different kind of energy: left Head is black lightning, the central head is a black beam of energy & the right head is black fire."

Be sure to check out his Monsters and Mechs FB page:…

Super Team:  Cornucopia by Bracey100
Super Team: Cornucopia
You know Im kinda goofy. I mean really really goofy! Games like City of Heroes and Champions Online with their deep character creation options let me explore even my weirdest ideas. In this case a team of heroes all made from genetically modified foodstuffs. From left to right we have:

The Killer Tomato: Poison touch and an awful attitude
The Powerful Eggplant: Can decrease the mass of anything he touches
The All Seeing Carrot: Enhanced sight and eye beams
The Crying Onion: Acid touch and blinding vapors
The Red Hot Chili Pepper: Fire powers of course
The Spiny Pineapple: Strength and invulnerability plus spiny exterior but a sweet disposition
The Mellow Mushroom: Powers of illusion and confusion
The Amorous Asparagus: The power to make others love him and therefor be mind controlled
The Bland Cauliflower: Ability to deaden the senses of others
Kaiju Commissions: M.A.W. by Bracey100
Kaiju Commissions: M.A.W.

Next up from the fertile mind of Ross Snyder Jr :iconrossps112 is the M.A.W. of Maser Assault Walker. This is part of a new line of commissions called the Super Weapons for the fight against kaiju as part of the MECHS AND MONSTERS series. As usual Ive included the author's words below.

"Concept: A maser tank meets a spider walker or walker tank. The idea is that unlike the Maser Tanks of the Godzilla movies, the M.A.W. is a highly mobile tank. It requires only 2 people to run it, a gunner & a driver. It can not only walk, but Jump great distances & even scale vertical surfaces as it is very light (super poly-alloys) and not much bigger than an Abrams tank. It even has a set of grapnel launchers underneath the front that it deploys to scale said vertical surfaces, kind of like a spider. I have the visual image of close to a dozen of these facing down one of my Kaiju, with them not only being on the ground but on top of skyscrapers as well."

Be sure to check out his Monsters and Mechs FB page:…

Kaiju Commissions: Rucifer by Bracey100
Kaiju Commissions: Rucifer
Behold Rucifer a mounstrous zooplankton with some nasty abilities other than just being huge and dangerous. Done for :iconmilandare: you can find a detailed description of this beastie in his own words below.

Rucifer is an enormous (for a zooplankton) bdelloid rotifer that uses her power of dessication to powder and consume non-metals, leaving only twisted skeletons of rebar and metal furniture in her wake. Moisture-based creatures are likewise consumed, unless protected in pressure- and moisture-sealed metal vessels (such as submarines). Once swollen with concrete, Rucifer can level hills with her charge; she can also blast her opponents at range with sprays of quick-drying (grappling) cement.  Her foot is used as a pivot, not a weapon, but it can swing her around with terrifying speed. Without the burden of concrete her strength is greatly increased, allowing her to pick up creatures with her cilia and throw them when they are too big to swallow.

Rucifer was first awakened by a deep sea explorer whose mini-sub was swallowed. The vessel passed harmlessly through the creature, losing only its rubber fittings, however the trawler hosting the rest of the research team was not so fortunate. Similes of the crew screamed out from Rucifer’s translucent skin as she brushed past the mini-sub, headed for the coast. The submariner returned to his support vessel to find only the brittle husks of wooden decks remained within its metal hull.

The submariner recognized the zooplankton for its genetic heritage, and quickly assembled the known research. Bdelloid rotifera uses dessication as a mechanism for escaping parasites. The genes of other creatures  dessicated around it could also be absorbed into its own dried and damaged DNA as its tetraploid chromosomes re-knitted, providing a means of evolution despite her asexuality. This particular creature must have inherited its gigantism from something it absorbed deep in the ocean; from the unfortunate crew it inherited a city to call home. One solitary marine biologist in a mini-sub may hold the only chance for an ecological solution to the new and terrifying kaiju. 

It is not known yet how to defeat Rucifer for good. A big enough kaiju might seek to beat it to death, yet risks dessication and genetic theft of its limbs. A cunning human might try feeding her so many migratory fish that she desires to go back into the sea – were genetics that simple. Even a threat sufficient to cause Rucifer to dessicate completely will only leave her to blow away on the wind – where she is lethally dehydrating, impervious to radiation, and almost invisible. Any dangerous parasite or poison would be shedded. In addition to her translucency, hydrophobic reactions with any ambient precipitation will result in a concealing cloud. She may rest in this state, lost among clouds, for years before an unfortunate aircraft might wake her up again.

Rucifer’s first choice attack is the dessication of anything in contact with her body or in suction range of her cilia/mouth. Her cement-vomiting secondary attack has a very long range. If it grapples successfully and her cement is mostly expelled then she may also rise up on her foot to throw her opponent. Otherwise she will simply charge, smash the opponent, swallow the shattered cement and repeat.

Rucifer’s “Energy Type” is a “hunger” for wet-formed and wooden buildings and moisture-packed lifeforms. She has even been known to dessicate normal window glass. Filling up with concrete enables ranged grapples and charging attacks at the expense of throwing attacks. On a scale of 1-10, Rucifer’s ferocity is 1, simply eating cities unless provoked, and her agility is 4. Her ‘power’ scales from 5 to 8 as a result of eating concrete, while her strength (ability to throw) scales inversely from 5 to 2. Her weight rises from 2 to 8 after eating concrete, while her defense scales inversely from 5 to 2. In her empty, dessicated, airborne form her defense is 10. She is resistant to radiation and susceptible to toxins, although the latter can be eliminated through her ‘defeated’ escape mechanism.



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Well got some good news and some meh news. Good news is it looks like I won't be losing my toes or anything else for that matter. The podiatrist at the hospital was able to treat them successfully with no loss of major tissue. They are finally healing and no longer look like bloated rotting tomatoes. The meh news is after thinking my rectal issues were done Im gonna have to go in for at least one more surgery. Its expected to be an easy outpatient procedure but the way my luck's been Im not holding my breath. It things don't go well I'll have several in office procedures after my hospital visit. I have officially spent more time in hospitals these past two months than I have the entire course of my life combined.

In the meantime Ive been furiously working on all my backlogged comissions so I hope you will all abide with me as I move forward. So don't be surprised if you see me suddenly start dropping large amounts of art along with "its finished" notes to many of you out there. 



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