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Ok thats just awesome. Just when I think Ive seen everything that can be put into an eye here comes something new. The monochrome schem...

Isle of the dead by spoofdecator

Only 5 hours! God, you are SOOOOOO much faster than me! Im a snail of an artist it seems. that aside this is simply gorgeus! The compos...

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Quite honestly this is one of the best manips Ive seen here at DA. Your stocks are blended together perfectly, all the elements fit tog...


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Kaiju Revamp - Marvel Godzilla by Bracey100
Kaiju Revamp - Marvel Godzilla
Ok I know MANY of you have been waiting on the return of this series, and what better way to kick off a relaunch than with Godzilla right? I remember enjoying this comic so much as a kid and I was delighted to find the whole series collected in the Marvel Essential trades. Ever since I got this I knew my beloved Marvel Godzilla would end up being revamped. Its taken a couple of years to get here but a recent Godzilla commish I did made me planted the seed for this and this weekend I ended up NEEDING to draw this. It was literally a compulsion. Once I started I just couldn't stop. Well on to the design description.

In some ways I think of this as less of a revamp than an updating of the Marvel version of the King. Nothing against Herb Trimp who not only did Godzilla but also another favorite licenced series from the 70s, The Shogun Warriors, but his work can be simple. Nothing wrong with this mind you, a lot of the greats have a simplified, blocky art style. Frank Miller, John Romita Jr, and Jack Kirby to name a few. But I wanted to pump more detail and realism into the design while remaining completely faithful to Trimp's rather stylized Godzilla.

Key features:
I dont know why Americans do this, but we always make Godzilla green. From Poster art, to comics, toys and more we until 2014 almost universally make the Big G green, so yeah this version had to be green. The only variation in this would be some cover colorists making Marvel's Godzilla's back spines a darker green. I prefered this to the single shade of green slapped over the behemoth in the pages of said comics. Speaking of spines, Trimp's Godzilla only has one dominate row of fins bordered by scutes traveling from his head to his tail. Another key feature was his large head, rather puny arms, pebbled skin, burning red eyes and rotund belly.

So observing these traits I did some posing with some of my SH Monsterarts Godzillas (if you dont know what these are Google them now!), the Rebirth and Legendary figures working best for this. The base design came mostly from G 2014 and then I started detailing the skin using reference from that as well as Zilla 1999, and the Indominus Rex. For the fins I did a mashup between Heisei Goji and Zilla (its in the detailing but not crazy visible in the final image, maybe I'll post the inks alone). Drawing all those scales took a whole day alone...why do I do that to myself? I always liked the burning red eyes on this Godzilla and for that I went to the poster art for the 1999 Godzilla (Zilla). The poster art had this incredible Godzilla eye which looked like a sun in his eye, real nuclear fire. But this wasn't used for the actual monster, instead he he was given a luminous golden eye. Just another way that film disappointed me. But I took that old image and put it in my monster and colored it to match. One thing I couldn't do was give Godzilla that bulging belly or puny arms. The Legendary G base worked well without looking silly but I did make my model thinner with a more pronounced chest, large shoulders and better hands. The 2014 Goji hands always come across as kinda small and weak for me (as do his teeth). 

I think that's everything, jeez this got rather long winded and I understand if you don't read this but I rather hope you will. 
Kaiju Commissions - Godzilla Extreme by Bracey100
Kaiju Commissions - Godzilla Extreme
This was done for :iconbatwing89:. Batwing has floated the idea of doing his own series of redesigned kaiju in the Godzilla Neo vein. Seems like he's going with a more realistic approach that either I or :iconkaijusamurai: have put forth. He gave me a concept sketch to go from ReignOfFireGoji done by :iconsnake151:, and a really fine design it is. 

Also Ive created a generic background to be used with my kaiju commissions from now on. What do you guys think of it?

Hero Commissions - Vector Updated by Bracey100
Hero Commissions - Vector Updated
A piece done for :iconrodcom1000:. Its an update for his Handbook page I did.
Hero Commissions - VECTOR handbook page
Go check out Rod's page here on DA, he's got a great heroverse going and its full of great stories and characters.
Kaiju Commissions - Midnight by Bracey100
Kaiju Commissions - Midnight
Another of my backlogged commissions, this one for my frequent patron :iconrossps112: for his Mechs and Monsters once again.

Ross's notes on Midnight

Hailing from the same prehistoric pantheon as Monarch (Kaiju Commissions - Monarch: version), this goddess of Night serves as his antithesis. Despite being the multi-headed creature’s nemesis, Midnight is an amoral creature that serves only her own interests.

Here is Midnight’s bullet points:
-Like Monarch, Reaper & Doragon, Midnight should be a combination of insect & dragon/reptile traits. 
-Larval form should be easier as there is line art to use as the basis of the creature is some unused Snap Dragon line art.
-Larval form should be an armored caterpillar like creature with reptilian/dragon traits.
-“Moth” form is a bit of a misnomer, its body & head be very reptilian/draconic with a couple of insect features such as mandibles & compound eyes.
-“Moth” form should have insect wings, though I am not sure if we should go moth like Monarch or dragonfly like Dragonfly or if some bizarre combination of the two would be possible
-The tail of the “Moth” form should be thick all the way to the end, with the underside having a handful of insect stingers towards the end of it. 
-Part of me wants to give both forms insect pincer like arms but I’m not 100% sure that I want to go with that look."

Be sure to check out his Monsters and Mechs FB page:…


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So Ive been tagged by 3 people so far so I guess there's no avoiding this or denying my popularity among my DA friends lol. So I bend to your will and submit the requested meme. One tag was nonspecific, the other two tags had particular characters requested.

Tagged by :iconstrangestaeons: :icondoctorvorlon: :iconxtream901:

1.) Post the rules.
2.) Post 8 facts about your character.
3.) Tag 8 other characters.
4.) Post their names along with their creators avatars


Deviant Universe - Mr Happy by Bracey100

1. Mr Happy is based at least in half on my actual self, right down to having my same name as his own. While a good portion of his life is pure fiction my own history, personality and ideology serve as his foundation.

2. Mr Happy was created by me in college back in 1988 for the superhero roleplaying game Champions. His original power set was akin to Superman's (just FAR less powerful) but with my personality and warped sense of humor.

3. Mr Happy's name was inspired not just by the smiley face motif but by a joke from my favorite comedian Robin Williams. Williams claimed to have named his penis Mr yeah, why would I admit this lol.

4. Mr Happy plays the court jester quite a lot but is actually very smart and often very shrewd. His nerdish devotion to superhero culture has allowed him to outwit many of his foes because he has a great deal of knowledge and understanding about how super powers work. He studies everyone like Batman would (even if he trusts you)...just in case.

5. Mr Happy's comic was originally going to be a spoof comic filled with archetypes of other heroes before I decided to get serious with his universe. This was largely due to my fandom of comics like Ambush Bug.

6. Mr Happy's definitive powers and personality traits  came from 3 sources. 1. Answering the question every comic nerd must answer. If you had powers what would they be. For me shapeshifting. 2. My enjoyment of heroes like Plastic Man, E-Man, The Mask, Morph and Slapstick. 3. Several long running RP sessions in the Marvel Super Heroes RPG developed in the 80s.

7. Unlike other heroes who have powers Mr Happy literally is his power. Nullifying his powers somehow could actually destroy him.

8. Mr Happy must sleep and dream each day to sustain both himself and his powers. 


Deviant Universe - Mr Yuck by Bracey100

1. Mr Yuck was indeed inspired by the poison control sticker. 

2. Back when the Mr Happy comic was gonna be a parody book Mr Happy after being exposed to radiation was going to turn into a Hulk like monster called Mr Yuck. His face was going to be a literal translation of the poison control sticker complete with its tongue sticking out. Because of that no one could understand Mr Yuck because his tongue was always out and it impossible to get what he was saying. For instance "Yuck smash!" would come out as "Yuug smath!'

3. Mr Happy doesn't know it but he and Mr Yuck know each other outside of their powered identities. 

4. In one possible end for my story Mr Happy and Mr Yuck are the last two beings in existence at the end of the universe.

5. Mr Yuck doesn't seem to exist. Attempts to scan reveal only an absence of information. Some sensors have detected him by registering this void.

6. Mr Yuck's existence is a tortured one due to the paradox of both being and seemingly not at the same time. While he does not need to eat, breath or sleep he will sometimes "slumber". In this state Mr Yuck rests in a state of oblivion, the only time he knows peace.

7. Mr Yuck hates Mr Happy, though Mr Happy has no idea why.

8. Mr Yuck was was at one point going to be a separate part of Mr Happy that split from him and became his own being. Basically all of Mr Happy's hidden negative emotions given form and substance. 


Deviant Universe - The Astronaught by Bracey100

1. The Astronaught was born in 1938.

2. His existence is a closely held government secret.

3. Apollo's blood has been replaced by nanobots. 

4. The nanobots have fundamentally changed his physiology adapting him for life in space. Because of this he cannot live on Earth without his space suit.

5. The nanotech in his system was part of an alien technovirus. It was meant to adat Earth to the needs of the alien invaders but when The Astronaught tried to assimilate it into his technology it ended up adapting him to the environment he was in at the time.

6. The Astronaught left behind a wife and son on Earth. Because he cannot live on Earth he decided that is was best if they thought him dead on a mission. The government sees to their well being on his behalf.

7. The Astronaught can exist in the vacuum of space without the aid of his space suit thanks to his forced mutations.

8. The Astronaught's technology allows him to speak and understand all human languages and several alien tongues.

Let the tagging commence!

:iconalecyl: Because you said you hoped no one would lol! Wouldn't mind some Oblivion facts.
:iconursamagnus: Give us some extra Steel Wolf knowledge.
:iconestonius: Because the Glyph is so mysterious and Lovecraftian to me.
:iconmilandare: Cause Airhead is PURE AWESOME!
:iconrodcom1000: Because Rod has made not just a great hero but a great team.
:iconkostmeyer: Just cause I like Centauri and Kostmeyer so much.
:iconlordwormm: Cause he's freaking Lord Worm, that's why!
:iconkaufee: Such a great artist with such imaginative characters. Tell me more about the Orbiteer.



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