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Critique by Bracey100 Bracey100/critique/772066252">Mar 6, 2013, 10:54:00 AM
Ok thats just awesome. Just when I think Ive seen everything that can be put into an eye here comes something new. The monochrome scheme works very well for this, far betten that color would, your eye automatically tries to see your piece as a regular eye first because of this. The blending at the edges of the wolf's head places it firmly into the eye, really making it feel as if it belongs there. Couple that with the deeply dark maw working as an pupil and the fur giving the impression of the muscles of the iris and the effect is sublime.

At the same time the muzzle still be coming forward. In spite of the fact that the lower jaw is still partially covered by the eyelid. The angle of the wolf head youve chosen really sells this effect. Its made all the mor menacing for the fact that the wolf itself has no visible eyes but balefully glowing embers. Very nice work!
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Cyprus-1 Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2013
Very cool pic!
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